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My mission is to work hard at work worth doing.

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Throughout my life, I will...

Maintain an open heart

Gracefully enforce my boundaries

Use my creativity, appreciation of beauty, and sensitive spirit

to honor God and benefit my community

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Native Nashvillian Brittany Shelby-Phill
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Hey there! I'm so glad you're here.
If my website is your introduction to me, the very first thing you need to know about me is: my hairstyle is subject to change without notice.
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Using my struggles and experience to grow into my purpose

But he knoweth the way that I take: when he hath tried me, I shall come forth as gold. Job 23:10

Run... Stumble... Get Back Up... Walk... Run... Face Plant... Get Back Up

This has been the pattern of my life.

Fall down. Get back up and move.

Trip and fall. Get back up and move. 

It is in the 'get back up' that we learn who we are

and how to step into our purpose. That is exactly what I have done to arrive at this beautiful point in my life of knowing what I want.

I am a passionate designer and marketer with a unique collection of gifts. My mission is to use those gifts to work hard at work worth doing; to make a difference in the lives of my neighbors.

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