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How To Manifest Growth With The Chalkboard Method

The chalkboard method is a big visual reminder that you need to put in the work to make things happen.

How many times have you been giddy over a fresh new notebook or day planner? You grab your favorite pen and open to the first clean page and jot down a few goals, desires, and plans in your best penmanship then never look at it again.

And you wonder why you're not achieving your goals.

With the chalkboard method, you are visually reminded of your goals every time you look up. The magic stays in your face.

You can use a chalkboard, dry erase board, or a corkboard with note cards. There is no right or wrong way to utilize this method. What it all boils down to is having goals, committing to those goals by making them visual, and checking in daily, weekly, monthly, and quarterly. It is nothing more than a manifestation system for setting goals and tracking them.

Setting Strategic, Trackable Goals

First things first, let's talk about your revenue goals. Whether you sell a product or offer a service, there is a magic number that you need in order to cover expenses, grow your business and live comfortably. Grab a calculator or open up an excel spreadsheet and determine what that number is. For the purposes of this post and nice round numbers let's just say that number is $50k.

Now, how much moolah is your average client spending with you? What is the profit for each of those amazing thingamabobs you sell?

If your average client is spending $2k with you then you would need 25 clients a year, 7 clients a quarter, and 2-3 clients a month.

Once you have the number of clients or thingamabob sales you need to achieve your revenue goals, you are ready to make magic happen with the Chalkboard Method.

If You Build It, They Will Come

Sounds like BS right? But it's true!

This is where the magic of the Chalkboard Method happens.

Horror vacui: The universe abhors a vacuum. The very first thing you are going to put on your board is numbered spaces for each of the clients you need for this quarter. In our example above, that number is 7.

Every time you look up and see those 7 blank spaces, you're reminded to put in the necessary effort to fill those spaces, and the excitement from filling those spaces will help fuel your motivation.

It is important to be specific with the type of client you would like to attract. You may be thinking, "Um, duh Brittany, clients with cash"

That is true, but I am trying to help YOU thrive, not just your business. In order for YOU to thrive, your work should be fulfilling. Is your work really exciting and fulfilling if you're working for clients that do not align with your brand or give you bad vibes? Probably not. You need to tell the universe exactly the type of client you want to fill those spaces - dream clients with cash. If you're not clear who your dream client is, you can use this handy dandy worksheet.

Let The Board Teach You

Let's say at the end of the quarter you only booked 5 clients, not 7. This is okay!! This is not a failure! This is the board showing you that changes may need to be made to your strategy.

Maybe those 5 clients felt really good! Maybe the universe had your back and said "Girl, you can't handle 7." So now you know you should look at raising your rates.

Could you have had 7 clients but 2 of them ghosted you? Then the board is telling you to improve or streamline your closing processes or revisit your sales pitch.

I also track client rejections on my board for this reason. Knowing who rejected my service and why can help me fine tune my strategy AND ensure I am pitching to enough potential clients to get to my magic number.

It is important to feel hope when you are making your board, not fear that you may not reach your goal. Fear may stand up and keep you safe from rejection. No worries! Acknowledge it and tell fear you can take it from here! 😉

The truth of the matter is, you may not reach that goal. That is okay! As long as you view your board as a tool to not only track your progress but alert you to areas within your business that could improve.

Big Dreams & Tall Orders Take Time

I like to include at least one big dream or challenge to my board.

That could be booking your first speaking engagement, finding a mentor, or publishing an article. Whatever that big dream is, include it on your board so you can be reminded to work towards that goal that is outside of your everyday task list.

While you can make this method your own, the timeframe you assign to your board is important. A week is not enough time to allow this tool to work. The whole magic of it is looking at it every day, keeping your goals top of mind, and giving the universe a chance to respond. Quarterly seems to be the magic timeframe for me, but maybe a month is enough for your business.

Technology Is Still Queen

Please do not come for me in the comments with any "This is the 21st century, cork boards and handwritten goals is basically extinct business practices" nonsense.

The chalkboard method should not replace any of your digital tools or in-depth analytics processes. You still need to review your business accounting and metrics with a fine-tooth comb and use your devices and apps to streamline and automate your methods.

Again, your board is simply a manifestation tool that keeps your goals in your face.

Now that you know you need to make physical space to attract revenue to your business, what other big dreams and business goals do you want to add to your board? Do you want to add a quarterly intention or mantra? Maybe an inspirational quote? Funny photo? A reminder of a big win from last quarter? Color-coded categories? The possibilities are endless.

Get to work designing your board and inspire others to do the same! Post your finished board on Instagram and tag @bsp_brandingstudio. I can't wait to see what you come up with!

Know a hustler that needs this info in their life? Share it with them and maybe they'll buy you lunch with all that extra revenue they're about to start bringing in!

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